ThermaCool Tile

Phase Change Technology in a Tile

Our range of preformed natural mineral tiles contain a microencapsulated phase change material.

When installed as either a replacement for existing tiles in a retrofit project or as a complete new system using ThermaCool® Profiles for new build construction, they provide a thermal mass solution as well as thermal comfort through passive cooling.

How The Tile Works

In buildings where the thermal mass benefits from the building fabric is lost due to improved insulation and airtightness measures, or in steel or timber structures which have little or no thermal mass performance, the ThermaCool® tile offers an easy to install, cost effective and lightweight thermal mass solution.

Three Tiles – Three Unique Benefits

The ThermaCool® tile is available either as a perforated acoustic tile, a solid tile with light texture finish or a metal composite tile. The tiles are supplied with either a square or tegular edge profile.

#1 Light Textured

A preformed tile for a 600x600mm module, fitted with a suspended T-grid for easy installation.

#2 Acoustic

A preformed perforated tile for a 600x600m module, with improved acoustic performance of 54.2dBA and Class C sound absorption.

#3 Metal Composite

A patented composite tile where increased thermal and acoustic performance and aesthetic finish is required.

Suspended Ceiling Integration

ThermaCool® ceiling tiles are installed in to a conventional suspended ceiling system. Heat from people, lighting, small power items etc is absorbed and stored by the tiles over a defined temperature that is within the human comfort range. This heat is later released as the room temperature cools, giving the building lightweight thermal mass.

Joined Up Technology Solutions

The PCM properties of the ThermaCool® tile is further enhanced by our GeoBlue range of capillary matting.


The ThermaCool® ceiling tile incorporates tiny capsules of phase change material that absorb, stores and releases excess latent heat from within the building.

Stephen Underwood, ThermaCool