Intelligent Temperature Management

ThermaCool – Say goodbye to inefficient temperature peaks

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A radiant heating &
cooling system using
the latest capillary
tube technology.
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With phase change material
that absorbs, stores and
releases excess
latent heat within
a building.
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ThermaCool Tile

It is what’s on the inside that counts

Our ThermaCool®  preformed natural mineral tile incorporates our microencapsulated phase change material. When installed as either a replacement for existing tiles in a retrofit project or as a complete system for new build construction, they provide a cost effective and light weight thermal mass solution.

The ThermaCool® tile is available either as a perforated acoustic tile, a solid tile with light texture finish or a metal composite tile.

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ThermaCool Panel

Innovative thermal technology in a wall panel

Our ThermaCool® panel incorporates phase change material to provide a complete construction board for light weight systems that absorb, store and release excess latent heat from within the building, as well as stabilising the moisture content within the room.

The ThermaCool® panel offers an easy to install, cost effective and lightweight thermal mass solution.

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Give your air-con a breather

We put our ceiling tiles in Ofcom’s HQ over a 45-day period. The air-con ran 257 hours in rooms fitted with standard ceiling tiles, and for just 7 hours in rooms fitted with our ceiling tiles – imagine the savings!

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When the magic happens

As the temperature rises within a defined temperature threshold of 19˚C–23˚C the wax core of our microcapsules begin to melt, absorb, and store excess latent heat. When the temperature drops below 19˚C the Phase Change Material solidifies and heat is omitted. Through intelligent temperature management ThermaCool® contributes to an improved indoor climate and better energy efficiency.

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Reduce your emissions

18% of UK’s CO2 emissions come from public and commercial buildings. Our ThermaCool® products drastically reduce the demand for energy, can be widely introduced, enabling the greatest reduction in CO2 emissions per pound spent.