11 2014


Making the Ofcom Head Office more energy efficient

Located on the south bank of the River Thames, London is Ofcom’s Head Office which is a modern lightweight steel with glass façade building with mechanical cooling and ventilation through 4-pipe fan coils. Installed initially in 2010 as an exemplar project for facility management company MITIE, the ThermaCool ceiling tile was installed into a high occupancy meeting room in which MITIE independently monitored against an identical adjacent meeting room using temperature sensors, data loggers on the fan coil unit as well as the number of occupants using the space on a daily basis.

Over an initial 45 day monitoring period without ThermaCool, the fan coil unit in the room, which had a standard manufactured metal ceiling tile arrangement, operated for over 257 hours to manage the room temperature compared with only 7 hours in the room with ThermaCool. A temperature differential of 4.33°C was achieved during peak daytime temperatures. Since, Ofcom has incorporated ThermaCool into further areas of the building.