ThermaHeat® is our new range of low energy, wall and ceiling heating systems which are manufactured and assembled here in the UK. They are designed incorporating graphite carbon technology and can be installed quickly into new build or retrofit projects. Running on just a 36V transformer these systems deliver a heat output of up to 300W/m².

They are particularly ideal for student accommodation, care homes, hospitals as well as commercial office buildings and fast-fit retail projects.

Rapid Response

The ThermaHeat® systems provide a low energy radiant heating solution using far-infrared heating which is a natural and healthy radiant heat. Just in the same way that we feel the benefit if the sun’s radiant heat, ThermaHeat® warms the surfaces of objects in the room allowing the space and building to be warmed evenly without overheating. This in turn creates a more pleasant and comfortable room temperature even at ambient room temperatures of between 18 – 21°C. Response times are also significantly faster than both underfloor heating and convection radiator systems as achieving a surface temperature of 29°C from a starting temperature of 13.5°C takes just 5 minutes.

FLIR Infrared thermal imaging

Safer Environments

Using thermostat controls and temperature sensors, temperatures can be controlled to achieve a low surface temperature requirement of 43°C in just over 60 minutes. This is the maximum temperature permitted under the NHS Guidance for Safe Surface Temperatures therefore making ThermaHeat® wall and ceiling systems ideal solutions for care homes, hospitals and educational buildings. This is not only because of their high heat out performance but also because of their low energy use and low running costs.


Installed singularly or as a combination, ThermaHeat has been designed for the following applications – ceiling, internal partitions and as an internal lining to an external wall. For more details on each of the systems offered then please click on the datasheets below.


ThermaHeat® C22
For a complete seamless ceiling finish, the C22 system is quick to install due to the profiled panels and can free span unsupported up to 4.5m with insulation or up to 6m without.

ThermaHeat® C22 Datasheet



ThermaHeat® 70
A solid internal partition system which can be constructed free standing up to a height of 4.5m due to the panels rigidity and offers excellent fixing strengths of up to 230kg per fixing. With an overall thickness of 70mm, this slim wall system incorporates a tongue and groove profile for easy and fast assembly. Each panel incorporates two integrated routed channels to allow the installation of electrical cables for sockets and switches  thereby removing the need for separate first fix and second fix electrical installations.

ThermaHeat® 70 Datasheet




ThermaHeat® 60
This is an insulated wall lining system for the internal face of an external wall. Its patented design combines insulated studs to prevent thermal bridging, with a profiles 600mm by either 2.6m or 3.0m ThermaHeat® panel. Each panel is a composition of 50mm Kingspan PIR + graphite heating element + 9.5mm plasterboard face finish. These insulated panels have a thermal performance of 0.35W/m²K.

also available in other thicknesses including 90mm panel thickness (110mm overall thickness)

ThermaHeat® 60 Datasheet



ThermaHeat® 100
For forming separating walls, the ThermaHeat® 100 system provides up to 90 minutes fire resistance and 45dB acoustic performance. Installed as a twin wall configuration with panels separated by I-Stud profiles to ensure stability, this system can be installed to free standing heights of 6.3m. The low energy ThermaHeat® panels can be installed on either side of the wall construction allowing designers to incorporate a heating system where required.

ThermaHeat® 100 Datasheet





Sustainability and Environment

ThermaHeat® wall and ceiling systems are manufactured using low carbon sourced materials including flaxwood which in itself is manufactured from a by-product of the flax plant, a renewable raw material that can be regenerated in a relatively short time and in considerable quantities.

As all of the ThermaHeat systems run on 36V transformers and provides a fast response rate for achieving thermal comfort, the energy used by the occupier is significantly reduced. This in turn yields energy cost savings allowing for a faster return on investment.